Welcome to Warfarin Warrior!

Hi Warriors,

It is I, your Master Warrior, Andrea. I am happy to finally be launching my site/programs. It took about a year to get up and running believe it or not. Proof that Warfarin isn’t a simple topic. It’s a very intricate subject that deserves special attention, especially if YOU take it.  Many of you have probably struggled with the strict “regimens” that come along with being on Warfarin.  And a lot of you probably have no idea what I’m even talking about.

What I mean is, there are many different topics that you must know about in order to safely benefit from Warfarin. Topics such as diet restrictions, medication interactions, how to dose it, what to do if you have a surgery/procedure, and many more. Don’t be scared!  This is where I come in. You are in the right place to gain a lot of knowledge about this drug that you take. A centralized place that can assist you with all of your needs and issues with Warfarin. It is a drug that should not be feared, it just deserves a little more of your attention is all.

Let me educate you and help you conquer any struggles that you are having with your Warfarin levels. Let me answer your questions that you have.  I look forward to getting to know you.  I also welcome any feedback, as I learn so much from my patients/clients.  I am here to take this journey with you so let’s begin…

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